Demetrius Witherspoon Interview Pt 1

Welcome to the first in a series of blogs where we dig in and learn more about Demetrius Witherspoon, Indie filmmaker, founder of DV Entertainment Pictures,  and creator of the Submerge film series.

With the first films in the Submerge series completed and released to DVD under the title Submerge: Ni’Re Reborn, Demetrius is gearing up to film the next installment, Submerge: Echo 51. What are his thoughts on the journey from initial inspiration to now?

DW image400x400“Anytime you look back on a project of this scope, you think, ‘I could have done this better, I could have done that better.’ But shooting the three films as I did was an education to me. You have to start somewhere. The goal is to make sure I keep getting better at what I do. Doing it the way I did, it helped me learn, from start to finish, what it takes. That way I can pass along what I’ve learned to other up-and-coming filmmakers, and it helps me to realize how complicated this process is. But I keep getting better at it and I continue to grow. And I think the progression shows onscreen.

We’ve gotten better at every part of the process and I know what each department has to deal with: from costume to makeup to editing to sales.

DVD coverThe Indianapolis film-making community is bigger than a lot of people realize. I’m proud to shine a light on what the film community is doing. The Indiana Filmmakers Network has chapters all over Indiana, where you have talent that’s just starting and also others who have done multiple feature films. Having access to those resources and knowledge helped me with solving production problems as they came up. They were also there as an encouragement to keep going, because we’re all working toward the same goal—to bring out projects together. Film-making can be very personal, these are our babies, and we want to nurture them and bring them to life. The IFN is great about encouraging each other.

The IFN also offers access to SAG actors and talented production crew, but you still have to have the smarts to know the proper way to use those resources.”

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Blog content created by R.J. Sullivan, supervised by Demetrius Witherspoon.


About R.J. Sullivan

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