Demetrius Witherspoon Interview pt 2

Continuing a series of blog posts revealing an exclusive interview with the Indie filmmaker.
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“…Ripley certainly had an influence on me.”

Who are some of your favorite strong female characters and how did they inspire Lyte and Ni’Re in the Submerge films?

“I grew up a science fiction fan, and the Alien films with Sigourney Weaver playing Ellen Ripley certainly had an influence on me. Ripley and Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor from the Terminator films were unique in their time for how they portrayed women, but now we’re seeing a lot more films with strong women characters. Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow comes to mind as a modern influence. Seeing the hero

sarah connor

“Ripley and…Sarah Connor….were unique in their time…”

go through struggles and come out stronger on the other side is a classic story, but I think it resonates with audiences to show that women are just as capable of taking the same hero’s journey, and I wanted to add my interpretation of that same idea with Ni’Re.”

The Indiana Filmmakers Network formed in 1999, spurring a great deal of interest among local filmmakers and an impressive listing of successes in a short period. Why is that so?

lyte and Nyre

“Ni’Re” and “Lyte” were inspired from a long line of strong SF cinema women.

“Two things contributed to what we’re seeing now. First, the technology has made it easier. The DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras came about, along with the digital editing software, and then after that, the ability to shoot in HD with a cell phone. What used to require a $10K camera investment dropped to a $700.00 investment, and if you’re serious about it, that’s a price point that’s more obtainable.

But I think it exploded here in Indianapolis and the Midwest because communities are open to the idea of independent films. Businesses and towns welcome the idea of letting an independent production use a recognizable landmark from their community. There’s a lot of paperwork and red tape involved with shooting in Hollywood and New York that isn’t in place here, so as filmmakers, we can do a lot of things and have access to more locations. You find that the local police and fire departments are willing to help out and make recommendations on productions.”

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