Demetrius Witherspoon talks Challenging Moments

Continuing a series of blog posts revealing an exclusive interview with the Indie filmmaker.
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Before we go any further, filming for Submerge: Echo 51 starts this weekend. Click this link to check into the Submerge: Echo 51 Facebook page frequently to read updates from the set!
DW image400x400What was a tough challenge during the filming of the Submerge series?

“One day we were shooting at a park. We thought we had reserved the location for a set time, but in the middle of our shoot, a van pulled up, a group of people got out, and started setting up way early for a concert gig. They were apparently oblivious to the fact that they were in our shot, they just started setting up drums and equipment. We had to figure out how to shoot around them.

So we’re standing in the middle of the day, hotter than I-don’t-know-what, and, on the spot, my fight choreographer (Larry E. Jones) had to improvise a new fight scene to fit our confined space. Keep in mind that my fight choreographer was a police officer, and the day before, he had chased a suspect through poison ivy!

So he’s there in the middle of the heat trying to help us, as we’re losing daylight, and we DVD coverhave actors in from out of town. He had to come up with a new fight on the spot so we could get what we needed on time.

In the end, we got some good shots, but it wasn’t quite what I wanted, I had to ask the actors to come back for re-shoots, and everyone arranged to come back the following weekend so we could get some re-shoots, and between the two sessions, I got what I wanted.

Larry E. Jones is an actor and choreographer who initially came on board to play Lord Raz. Ultimately, we cast Bishop Stevens in that role, but Larry is still part of our crew and has helped us choreograph all the fight scenes. He’s currently working on the fights for Submerge Echo 51.

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Blog content created by R.J. Sullivan, supervised by Demetrius Witherspoon.


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